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The Blossom Project - ADRA

The Blossom Project in Vanuatu enhances the wellbeing of women and girls by addressing issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy. Partnering with church leaders, students, community members and local government, the ADRA team is using the Family Life Education (FLE) approach.This involves openly discussing gender norms, the roles of family members and new ways for men to take on "non-traditional" roles in the household while allowing women to participate in leadership.

The project has expanded to include a prison rehabilitation program, a local radio program providing community education and a Family Care Centre which provides support services like counselling.

To learn more about Blossom visit the website at:

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To break poverty one community at a time, through:




Health initiatives


This bike ride is going to provide high school education for teenage girls (and boys) in Cambodia. Specifically your money will go to pay the teachers wages. 

With education is freedom. 

To learn more about RestoreOne visit the website at:

Here is your fundraising link for 2025

 Ride4Rescue 2025 - Restore One (

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