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For our 2025 ride we will be supporting Restore One

Be sure to let us know if you need any assistance setting up your fundraising page or ideas on how to fundraise.


To ensure all our riders​ have a comfortable and safe trip, we require all riders to bring a selection of items in their own personal kit:​

  • Bike Gear​​

    • Bike

    • Helmet (ADR approved)

    • Riding gloves

    • Bike bottle holder/s

    • Puncture kit

    • 2 spare tubes

    • Portable bike pump or CO2 head/canisters

    • Chain oil

    • Allen keys

    • Bike lock

  • Bike Clothing

    • Cycling knicks and jersey

    • Cycling shoes & woollen socks

    • Leg and arm warmers (optional)​

  • Riding Gear

    • Lightweight day pack 

    • Basic first aid kit

    • Space blanket (to be carried)

  • General Clothing

    • 3 changes of clothes and comfortable shoes/thongs

    • Thermals/warm gear for cold nights and high altitudes

    • Beannie, neck warmer, long pants

    • Swimmers

    • Rain Jacket 

  • General Items

    • Sunglasses

    • Sunscreen

    • Small toiletry bag

    • Mobile phone/alarm & charger

    • Ear plugs

    • Sleeping bag

    • Camping mat (selected individuals)

    • Small pillow 

    • Personal medications (it is advisable to carry a doctor’s letter for any prescriptions)

    • Hydration drinks and extra snacks (optional)

  • Emergency Documents​

    • Australian medicare card

    • Private health details

    • Australian driver’s license

    • Personal accident insurance (we recommend BicyclesNSW)


Ready to ride?

Meet in Canberra the evening before the ride at the Alivio Tourist Park

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