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Virtual World Tour

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What is Ride4Rescue Virtual World Tour?

2 weeks 200km doing your fitness thing - ride, walk, run, paddle, swim, etc. The goal is to have a minimum of 200 participants register either as an individual or part of a team, each completing 200km, therefore as whole team completing 40,000km! This equates to a loop around the world! Begin tracking your KM's from Saturday 24th September and finish on Sunday 9th October.

During the 2 weeks we will be tracking everyone's progress through the Challenge Hound Platform, and via a virtual map you'll be able to see where we are in the world! The journey will begin in Sydney Australia, then after doing a loop of the globe we hope to finish on the top of Australia's highest peak Mt Kosciusko! Each day you exercise be sure your device is on tracking your Km's, which will then automatically transfer onto our Challenge Hound platform. Be sure to send us some photos or videos of your exercise adventures.

This is also a great time to get out with family and friends, plan that hike, bike ride or kayak adventure you always talk about but don't always make the time to do so. Remember to track all your km's no matter how many,every km gets us that bit closer to our final goal.

Two Teams - Guns & Cruisers (Complete distance as an individual, team or family group)

Gun Individual - minimum goal of 200km over 2 weeks

Gun Team - minimum goal of 200km as a team over 2 weeks

Cruiser Individual - minimum goal of 100km over 2 weeks 

Cruiser Team - minimum goal of 100km as a team over 2 weeks

Looking to have paricipants from all parts of the world.



24th September - 9th October 2022

Registration Fee 


$100 - individual  (13+)

$350 - Family - 2 adults + 2 or more kids! (under 18)

$50 - Child under 12

Free - Child 6 and under

All registration costs go directly into our two Charities - RestoreOne Cambodia and Blossom Vanuatu. You'll receive a tax deductible receipt on completion of the Challenge.

Goal to have minimum of 200 Individuals/teams registered therefore raise $20,000! 

$10,000 per Charity!

Ride 40,000km! as a whole team -a loop of the Globe!

Things to do once you register:

  • Deposit registration fee into Ride4Rescue bank account (Bank details will be emailed to you on registration)

  • Sign up to Challenge Hound (we will send you the details once you have registered and paid)       

  • Encourage your friends and family members to join

  • Begin planning your exercise adventures!

  • Highly recommend to purchase bike and/or personal injury insurance incase of any unforeseen incident while out exercising.

Disclaimer: As this is a virtual event I/we are choosing to participate and I/we are choosing to exercise at our own risk, Ride4Rescue is not liable for any personal injuries incurred or damage incurred to my/our bike/s or any other property.​

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